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“It is an interesting law of romance that a truly strong woman will choose a strong man who disagrees with her over a weak one who goes along. Strength demands intelligence, intelligence demands stimulation, and weakness is boring. It is better to find a partner you can contend with for a lifetime than one who accommodates you because he doesn’t really care.”
— Roger Ebert

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They are weary
And fall asleep like
Blinking candles
At the end of their wicks.
I linger.
Listening to the sounds
Of deep breaths and peace.
They are heaven and earth.
They are my world
My night and day
And everything between.

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"hm, I don’t think I want this anymore."

"hm, I don’t think I want this anymore."

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Stealthy Love

I guess emotions are still there brooding in the back

They lie in wait for the most strategic of sneak attacks

It seems they mimic your snake-like personality

Slithering, seething, finding holes, and eating

Away slowly at what’s left of my reality

But without them, without you, this icy heart stops beating

Insomniac Poetry

Sleep, slumber, please take me under

I’ll succumb to you despite that thunder

I need you as bad as serotonin

Tried a large dose of melatonin

But nothing works like you, baby

You’re my balance of dopamine

Turned this sleeper to a fiend

More emotional shit

You give my heart a hard tug

But I enjoy that, revel in the feeling

Thought a relationship would make me sick, have me keeling - over

And over again like the cycle in my head

But you’re nothing like the last end - dead

There’s so much yet to be seen

Give me time, I’ll make those eyes gleam

And glow with life, an endless curiosity

Safe to say your scent’s never coming off of me

Painted Photography by Shae DeTar